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In the process of putting together the ptinpoly package, I learned a lot about making R packages that call underlying C++ code, as well as about how to use R-Forge.  Here's a hands-on tutorial that brings together the things I have learned.


  • The Tutorial (PDF File, v. 1.14, January 11, 2011).  This tutorial covers how to make a C++-based R package in Chapters 2-5, and how to use R-Forge in Chapter 6.


  • ZIP file containing example C++ and R code for the tutorial: Code.zip

If you'd like to download the C++ and R code as individual files rather than a ZIP file, here are links:

C++ code: RMat.ccRMat.htestRMat.ccRInterface.cc

R code: MatrixMult.rTestRMatDLL.r (the latter file isn't actually referenced by the tutorial but may be useful for Chapter 4.)




-- Jose M. Maisog

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Links to software



  • R (obviously, R itself is required; comes with the RCMD utility)
  • RTools (provides perl, for running RCMD; and gcc, for compiling C++ code)
  • PuTTY (to establish a secure channel with R-Forge)
  • TortoiseSVN (for using R-Forge, once the secure channel is established)



  • MiKTeX (might not be absolutely required for creating an R package, but required for creating PDF help files)
  • Microsoft HTML Help Workshop (install if you want .chm help files in your R package)
  • NotePad++ (may be a nice editor for small-scale C++ projects)
  • Dev-C++ (suggested for larger-scale C++ projects)


Links to relevant web sites




Some References

Alan Lenarcic's Tutorial (based on underlying C++ code)

Rob Hyndman's Tutorial (based on underlying C or FORTRAN code)

John Chambers' book: Software for Data Analysis: Programming with R

Friedrich Leisch's Tutorial (based on R scripts only, no underlying compiled language)
Joseph Schafer's Tutorial (based on underlying FORTRAN 95 code)

Rcpp (interesting R package to help create new R packages based on C++; tutorial)


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